"[Cole’s] not going anywhere. He was drafted by this organization, raised by this organization and became a superstar in this organization. If you know anything about this organization, that means he’s not going anywhere."
— It’s amazing to hear Jimmy Rollins say this…especially since he’s maybe the last guy left from the time when this was decidedly not so.

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"You feel more like a baseball player in the National League…In the American League, you’re a pitcher. Over here you’ve gotta pitch and hit, run the bases, feel like a baseball player."
— Clifton Phifer Lee

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"I thought I was on this Earth to entertain people on the baseball field, which I was pretty good at. As it turns out I am here for something else and that assistant company called it predatory lending recovery. I can now show people how they can save their homes, ok?"

Lenny Dykstra

Turns out that ‘93 Phils team was full of normal, perfectly sane guys.

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"The Phillies are a model franchise, and if you can’t appreciate what they are doing, then I think you’ll never appreciate anything the franchise does. 3 straight division titles. A World Series ring. The best pitcher in baseball begging to come to your team and signing a below market level deal. A stocked farm system. One of the best scouting departments out there, which consistently finds under the radar bargains and steals in the draft, and a Latin American program churning out solid prospects for $100-300K a pop, while other teams are spending huge 7 figure amounts and seeing less return for their investment. A packed ballpark, and a payroll near the top of baseball. 10 years ago, the Phillies had to beg overpriced, average free agents to come to the team. Now, players can’t wait to play here."
— In the wake of the Roy Oswalt acquisition, Phuture Phillies gives us all a nice “you’ve come a long way, baby” moment.

Your 2010 Philadelphia Phillies, as shot by Nick Laham of Getty Images.

So, after getting pounded by about 4 feet of snow in the past 10 days, can anyone in the Philadelphia region name a finer sight than this? (via Todd Zolecki)

Well, this looks like a good use of everyone’s time.

Harry Kalas (March 26, 1936 - April 13, 2009)

Played 19 times.

It’s a bittersweet day for Phillies fans. We all knew he wasn’t in their long-term plans. We all knew the Raul Ibanez signing was the effective end of an era. But somehow it didn’t feel official until today.

Best of luck, Pat. We’ll miss ya. Maybe we’ll see you again in October?